Key features of this unique technology are:

    • Recovers waste organics and waste paper products and combines them into a homogeneous and energy-rich feedstock;
    • Functions without a boiler and utilizes not potable sources of water;
    • Improves the quality of other recovered materials;
    • Improves the biogas yields and process efficiency of anaerobic digestion systems;
    • Compatible with a variety of conversion processes seeking low cost organic/sugar rich feedstocks.

    BurCell® System's Value Proposition:

      • Converts a variety of waste biomass resources into low cost feedstocks;
      • A fractionated feedstock;
          • Separated from inert material and contamination;
          • Treated and very low in pathogens;
          • "opened up" and more reactive;
          • Blended into a consistent material;

        Cornerstone's BurCell® System is a disruptive vacuum aided thermal decomposition process