2.1.2018              Cornerstone’s first commercial BurCell® System has been sold and is being installed this month!  The BurCell® System is being incorporated into an existing materials recovery facility located in the Southeastern U.S. where it will become a key component in the recovery and reuse of waste organics from municipal solid waste.  Over 50% of municipal solid waste delivered to this MRF consists of waste organics and soiled paper and the BurCell process can separate and recover virtually all of it, creating a BurCell Process Engineered Feedstock that has a variety of beneficial uses for this confidential client.

From the Desk of the President

Keeping in touch with industry developments is as daunting as it is necessary.

It is difficult to conceive of an industrial sector in which the velocity of change has accelerated as much as in the renewable energy and products sector. Progress is being made at an incredible pace and much of it is being done without much fanfare. It's incumbent upon all of us that participate in the various aspects of the bio-energy and bio-products sector that we stay abreast of the effects and implications of this evolving marketplace. Here at Cornerstone, our focus is on the feedstock. Regardless of the bio-conversion process; whether its anaerobic digestion, fermentation to recover sugars, or gasification, a reliable source of low cost, homogeneous, non-food feedstocks is essential. We will use this portion of our website to keep in touch with our stakeholders and report on and track the advances made by the dozens of companies that are making great progress to find alternatives for fossil fuels so keep checking back for our updates.

Kindest regards,

Ron Barmore


BETO Industrial Seedlings

Cornerstone Resources, LLC and Idaho National Labs have recently been awarded a small Department of Energy grant through its Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) to characterize organics recovered from municipal solid waste and prepare a conversion assessment of the BurCell Systems process engineered organic feedstock. This collaboration will provide valuable information relevant to the use of municipal solid waste derived organic feedstocks, a critical source for sustainable, low-cost feedstocks for the bio-economy.